As walking through all the darkness the power of light stroke me at once.

It is so deep as a soul like eternity searching for peace 

Its elegant, bright and essential 

It was not easy to take in all the shine at once, 

slowly one sparkle at a time I was a not a twinkling star.

But now, here I am to know exactly what I really  want to present 



My background as an interior design, I would always focus on the amount of light entering the building and what changes it could bring into space where I believe the natural light was an important aspect of living. Making light products for home and commercial is my passion. There is never the end of the exploration in light. I was eager to know more about light. what is it actually ?what are the different ways I could understand light ?how deep is it in spiritual ways? These are some deep thoughts on light and its different perspective in all other direction. Mostly a discover and understanding on light from different fields and why was it done.

Light in photography

In years, science has proven in all the ways photography is one of them which can never go out of style. It has always surprised in years with all new technology and styles. There is always a competition between science and art. While photographers capture in angles and framing of an image.But we have seen that even with the most high-technology the photographers still need to put a lot of thought and vision into lighting their photographs in order to get a great result of an image this has lead to quick improve technology through years. Nature will always remain same while the styles of a lighting continue to change once the photographer understands the basic physics of lighting they can apply that knowledge to a  different kind of style photography.

Frank Gilbreth: 1914

Page, J.D. (no date) Frank Gilbreth. Available at: (Accessed: 10 October 2016). 

In the year 1914, Frank Gilbreth with his wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth used a different technique to track the motion of the manufacturing clerical workers they used small lights and the open shutter of the camera to photograph the workers and their work. They did not just photograph them for artistic purpose. They were studying “work simplification”. Gilbreth was increasing the ways of an employees outcome and their jobs.


Frank Gilbreth (1914) Work simplification.[Online image] (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

Man ray: 1935 

Page, J.D. (no date) Man ray. Available at: (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

In 1935, the first man who invented with the new ideas of art and technology together he explored the Technic of light painting .He was known for his avant-garde photography while he was an artist, as a painter he was working in the different media as well. while Man ray explored the light photography he named it as “Space writing “. He produced self-portraits and also opened the shutter of the camera and used a small penlight to create lines and swirls in the air.


Man ray  (1935) Space writing .[Online image] (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

Gjon Mili: 1930- 1940’s

Page, J.D. (no date) Gjon Mili. Available at: (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

He was born in Albania and brought up in United states America. He was an engineer who had a passion for photography he worked in different institutes like( MIT ) he also developed and learned about photo flash photography. He used stroboscopic light to capture the motion of dancers or to capture a single exposure. His photo flash techniques are still very much till today in light photography. As he explored his creation by attaching small lights to the boots of the ice skater. While he did so he also opened the shutter of the camera to capture the extraordinary photographic images was created which has felt to an inspiration.


Gjon Mili (1930-1940’s) Figure of the skater by Carol Lynee.[Online image] (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

In this evolving timeline of the history in light painting photography. For a list of the artist currently pushing the limits of light painting photography please review the featured artist section of the site

How Frank Gilbreth with his wife Lillian Moller Gilbreth worked together to track the motion of the manufacturing clerical workers  This has to lead a thought in me that every invention we make through the years of technology, the art as always followed it. While here Gilbreth and Lillian Moller did not just use the technique but went beyond exploring the camera in different techniques to exhibit the hard workers. I have learned that the value of creating something new is just not creativity but also methods to bring a small change with the creativity will also bring a difference in how we look at things and works in the field art and technology. In further research of  Man ray 1935, he created patterns and made signatures with the help of the open shutter. In this ideology of a painting through light pen has brought interest in exploring the ways of light in photography in future. I would like to experiment in the streets of Manchester to name the street with the help of the light pen and open shutter to explore the reading caught in the lens of a camera . Also how Gjon Mili did not attend university to learn photography or its skills. He learned of passion and interest. He also wanted to explore of what he acknowledged. His images gave the inspiration to see the way I work towards Sci-art. I have also learned that doing things the same manner is not creativity but knowing of what the basic background about the subjects and doing some experiments, exploring different methods for a unique outcome is what the eye is seeking. I wanted to work on light as my project for sci-art time machine it was, how light and time can change memories in our life, but as time passes after reading how creativity the light photography has changed the way I want to process in the future. This research on the light in photography has brought thinking in broader a way on the light.


As I walked through the past, it’s beautiful the smiles and laughter

where can I put all of them, dark box in the corner of the room?

As time passes it get dusty and fades.

but in the eyes of mine its colorful by itself

Time tricks faster in hours, slower in seconds

what are we following?

The photograph, all  it needs more than the air more than the space more like the

sunshine .



Page, J.D. (no date) Lightpainted reality. Available at: (Accessed: 8 November 2016). 

Frank Gilbreth (1914) Work simplification.[Online image] (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

Man ray  (1935) Space writing .[Online image] (Accessed: 10 October 2016).

Gjon Mili (1930-1940’s) Figure of the skater by Carol Lynee.[Online image] (Accessed: 10 October 2016).







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